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facilities potentially announced be iran. a direct challenge to obama administration and the united nations. >> and the world. have a good day. >> take care. >> shannon: nuclear showdown. i'm ran makes a stunning announcement in blatant defiance of the international community. we are following breaking news. will tiger talk? the silence is fueling speculation over the circumstances of the early morning crash. minutes ago we got word over the 911 tapes will be released today. standing by live for that. the numbers are in. retailers got a boost from the black friday shoppers. we'll ask an expert how to get the best deals. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts now.
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this is a fox news alert. iranian government approved a plan to build ten new uranium enrichment plants. iranian state tv report they'll be the same size as the plant you will see in satellite photo we'll show you. we have much more. what can you tell us about breaking news? >> fox news spoke with the e.u. foreign policy chief. he has interfaced the most in the negotiations. there is no quote official reaction from the reactions. but they will see as one of defiance against the west. there is a reaction to friday meeting of the iaea was expected because the language out of the meeting is tough on iran. the iaea passed a resolution
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demanding they mothball the hidden facility in koln and calling on iran to respect previous security council resolutions. instead, iran and the cabinet meeting today announced that it has decided to build ten enrichment plantses that will turn out 250 to 300 tons of enriched uranium a year. ten facilities to enrich uranium may seem like putting the cart before the horse. the u.s. has 104 power plants and does not have a commercial centrifuge facility. of course, it has other facility bus ten centrifuge facilities slated for a country with yet to fire up a single power plant likely to be questioned heavily. on top of that, the plant iran is building right now is being constructed by russians. iranian made fuel will not be compatible unless it's
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repackaged by the uses are. waiting for reaction from the west. >> bolt moves. thank you for keeping us, updated life from london. >> a hard comes ahead of the afghanistan announcement tuesday. and shively joins us -- caroline shively joins us from washington with detail. >> this was written on democrats. saying osama bin laden was in the grasp of the troops in mountain of tora bora when the u.s. military leaders decided not to go after him with massive force. it gave insurgency new life and altered pursuit of
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terrorism. they were conducting the precision strikes but there were less than hundreds on the ground to track bin laden. the decisions that opened the door for ses cape to pakistan allowed bin laden to emerge as potent symbolic figure to attract steady flow of money and inspire fanatics worldwide. the study comes out prior to the president's speech tuesday where we expect him to announce build-up in afghanistan. many democrats are awaiting the speech but some republicans are criticism potential phased deployment. >> the slow escalation didn't work there. you need to put in everybody you can, as quickly as you can and deliver knock-out punch to the enemy. >> the president and the secretary of defense have to show some deference to the generals recommendation, but these are just recommendations. they're not the ten commandments after all. >> when asked about it on cbs, democratic senator carl levin said it's possible bin
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laden been killed or captured in 2001 there is a chance there would be no need for troops in afghanistan today. >> joining us with the thought on the nuclear announcement and upcoming speech, we have republican congressman and members of the house armed service committee. and member of the house affairs committee, jackson lee from texas. welcome. >> thank you. >> im interested in your reaction to the news. >> we know that iran is in the cross hairs of the international family. that is that there is not one single ally that doesn't want iran to stand down from the nuclear proliferation. i believe there needs to be in this instance unity on
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standing again, any continuation by iran and the continued intolerance of democracy there. there is not a glimmer of light that separates any of us in the standing that they must stand down. >> shannon: i assume it has bipartisan backing that thought. >> it does. if iran gains control of nuclear weapons i believe it's matter of time before the terrorists in the world will have the weapons and it will change every concept of freedom, and concept of security we've had in america. it will push every other issue off the table. i have to go on record here, not to sound too partisan but i believe if this president's policies of appeasement and indecision continue it will mean the gravest of consequences for american national security and peace in the world.
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>> jamie: the president -- >> shannon: the president is going to give a conference tuesday night. what do you expect himto hear from him? >> he's not an appeaser and the relationships that have developed since he's become president has drawn the world together in unified voice on question of iran and the intolerance that we have for the government and the leadership of the government. our president has been consulting, not delaying and that's positive. i sad i don't want more troops in afghanistan but the president has to speak in two slo voices, one to the world and one to the american people who have lost their interest. not their interest as much as the support for the war in
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afghanistan. not a war where al-qaeda is, but war of insurgents. it's a civil war. we had the largest number of casualties that occurred in the month of october. the question is how much will the allies support the effort? how many troops will we send, with the allies send extra 10,000? meaning nato, will they be supportive? will we convince the taliban we're here to stand with the got that will hopefully be a non-corrupt government. against their action and recognize that the taliban are afghans and they have not given up yet. they didn't give up with russia, and the question is how long will they persist and how long will the american people be willing to sacrifice on this kind of civil war. >> shannon: the final word here. >> in terms of the president deliberation, he's not
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deliberated on stimulus and clunkers or cash for clunkers, taking over healthcare. there is a lot of things he's decisive on. when it comes to the military challenges he speaks with so many voices as my good friend says no one knows what he stands for. i'm sure that ahmadinejad is indeed appreciative of his "friendship." he seems to have no respect for the policies. we live in a challenging world. if this president does not wake up soon or change the commitment to the liberal ideology that seems to miss the danger of jihad i feel like future generation and this one may be gravely affected by it. >> that is a misinterpretation. i believe that the president has drawn international support which is what we need in the instance of iran and afghanistan. the two voices he will speak
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in is one to the world that is necessary but to the american people. we have to decide whether or not this is in the best interest of the american people and world peace. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. thank you both for the spirited debate today. congressman sheila jackson lee and congressman trent franks. thank you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: tune in the fox news channel for live coverage of president obama's afghanistan decision special coverage of tuesday's national address from west point will begin at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. police in windermere, florida, hopes today is the day to get to the bottom of what happened at golf superstar rose mary woods' house. many questions remain as he lost control and slammed in a fire hydrant and tree and doesn't have to talk to police, but will he? phil keeting is live in florida to tell us the latest. hi, phil. >> hi, shannon. perhaps today will be the day that investigators in the florida patrol will speak to tiger woods and his wife ellen face-to-face, one-on-one about what happened leading up to tiger
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woods, the world most famous accident getting in a one-car accident, lying in the street in in addition neighborhood, bleeding from his face, in and out of consciousness. yesterday afternoon, two vehicles with the florida highway patrol entered the exclusive gated community known as aisle worth where the woods family lived for a scheduled afternoon interview with the woods couple. but tiger woods' agent let it be known that woods and his wife would not be available yesterday. and maybe they could reschedule this for sunday afternoon. just as woods wife told investigators friday night at their front door that woods was sleeping at the time. could they come back the next day? we'll see if that does inevitably happen. the investigators spent yesterday more than 3 hours inside the gated community examining the damaged tree and yards and knocking on neighbors' door and trying to obtain any surveillance video that may have captured the 2:30 a.m. friday one car, one accident. one-car accident. the highway patrol tells me no surveillance video,
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though, was obtained. now i am told by the florida highway patrol sometime in the next few minutes or early hours from now, the 911 tape recording made friday morn willing be released to the public. we should have that for you on fox news channel coming up here very soon. the phone call made by one of woods' neighbors, a man lying in a street and he was involved in a car wreck. going with the story that it was a domestic argument inside the woods' home that led to all of this. we'll see what the investigators can find out. back to you. >> all right. we'll stand by for the tapes. thank you so much for the latest. >> another big announcement to expect from the obama administration tomorrow. it will unveil a plan aimed to push the mortgage companies to help troubled homeowners. brenda buttner host of "bulls and bears" joins us with the look at that and rest of the
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housing picture. hi, brenda. >> that's right. in spite of team obama $75 billion effort, financed by taxpayers, you and me, to prevent foreclosures, not much has changed for borrowers hoping for help. a small fraction of the 650,000 homeowners in the program, less than 1% by some measure, moved past the trial phase to serious modification of the mortgages. blame the banks says the administration. tomorrow, it's expected to announce plans to pressure lenders, in part by naming those with the poorest records on modifying loans. with one and four borrowers under water, quarter owe more on the mortgages than the homes are worth, foreclosures could soon flood a market that already hit record highs for them. in the third quarter. yes, the $8,000 federal tax credit for first time buyers did help existing and new home sales rise in october. that has been extended.
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but may not help prop sales again as most buyers for this year rush to get in before the first deadline. muss, mortgage applications for home purchases dropped to a 12-year low last week. residential building dropped 11% in october. now that may not be all bad. we have to get rid of inventories. that is houses sitting around, empty or unsold before housing market can stabilize. seven-month supply, and it needs to drop to a five-month supply to be more normal. you know what also needs to fall? you guessed it. housing prices. the average decline nationwide will probably have to hit around 40%. another fall of 10% next year before buyers really start to work. in fact, work is key to this. until the job market recovers the housing market can't. we find out friday what november unemployment rate will be. now at 10.2%. closer to 17%. if you include the
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underemployed and those who have given up looking for a job. >> shannon: brenda buttner, thank you. >> thank you. >> shannon: a bit of good news. analysts say the kickoff to the holiday shopping season was a strong one. shoppers who endured long lines on black friday reportedly spent more than they did last year. one retail firm shopper tracks says the retail sales rose to 10.6 billion on black friday. retailers are especially optimistic about tomorrow's cyber monday when they hope the consumers will cash in on deals on big ticket items including tvs and home appliances. major retailers like wal-mart, target and best buy are offering the special sales for cyber monday. keep it here in the next hour we'll ask aol spokeswoman regina lewis what you need to know to score the best deals online tomorrow.
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arizona officials are warning people to take caution as they hit the roads to head home on thanksgiving weekend. two people were killed in a car crash after the small suv collided with a commercial truck in a severe dust storm. take a look. they can be dangerous. what weather can everybody else traveling home expect? meteorologist rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center with the latest. hi, rick. >> hi, pretty good travel all weekend long. good shopping weather. a couple hiccups but nothing causing major problem for a lot of people. today looking good, up and down the eastern seaboard. you warm up in south florida where you've been cold the last couple of days. only thing we're dealing with is the system that brought in the dust tomorrow across arizona. this is the culprit and upper level disturbance and it will creep up to the east. as it does, it will bring snow across the mountains of arizona.
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in toward new mexico. across the higher elevation. some area, two feet of snow by the time it's done. they need the snow across the area. snow across parts of texas. if you're heading to i-10, you will deal with rain at times. moving forward this week, this is what we expect. this is the weather maker and it will track slowly across texas and then by wednesday and thursday, in across southeast bringing heavy rain. concern for flooding potentially this week because a lot of area is water logged. heading toward in the week, this right here, is where we're watching. president obama was in the stands for the oregon-g.w. match-up. oregon state won. the president's brother-in-law craig robinson is the oregon state head coach. first lady and daughters were on hand as well to cheer osu
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to victory. washington more famous party crashers up to more chicks. we tell you how they look to cash in on the scandal up next. yg;wwgkóçó37wcwówg'çówóçox
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>> shannon: workers are recovering from injuries suffered in washington metro subway crash. no passengers were on board when six-car train rear-eneded another train. it's the latest involving the washington subway system. eight passengers and train operator were killed in a june crash. two metro workers were killed in separate accidents in august and september. florida authorities are
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still hunting for man they say shot four relatives to death after thanksgiving dinner. an arrest warrant has been issued for 35-year-old paul merhige. police say he could be headed for midwest. what is the latest, laura? >> they're continuing to interview the survivoring family members of paul merhige this weekend, trying to piece together what led up to the horrible thanksgiving killing spree that left four dead including a 6-year-old little girl. now there is a $$10,000 reward to help bring him in. he hasn't been seen since he fired off round after round. there were reports that he had ongoing dispute with the family members but investigators won't reveal what the possible dispute was about. when it was over, the twin
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sisters were dead and w their eldly aunt -- elderly aunt. lisa night was pregnant. the 6-year-old daughter was gunned down while sleeping in the bed. the talented and adored child play played piano before turning in. she was scheduled to perform in nutcracker performance the next day. her parents are devastated. >> i was going to take a shower and i can smell my baby my shirt. if i take a shower it's gone forever. i'll never smell her again. >> investigators believe that paul merhige was driving a blue four-door 2007 toyota cam camry. it has a tag -- w427jt. it has spoiler on the back to make it unique. they're working with the
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jump-starter police department 24 hours a day on the case and using every resource to find him. if you have information on paul merhige's whereabouts, you're urged to call this number here. 561-746-6201. we will continue to bring you updates throughout the day on the case. >> shannon: thank you for the latest. dairy farmers in maine are taking matters in their own hands to save their businesses. milkers and farm hands are getting and keeping valuable jobs. fox's molly line explains now. >> in the midst of a dairy crisis, ten organic farmers in maine dropped by the big distributor banded together to create their own company called moo milk. maine's own organic milk and they hope to get cartons on the store shelves by mid-december. the collaborative effort, the ten farmers and processor and
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distributor got on board to make it happen. they say it will preserve a way of life. speaking with a fourth generation farmer, mark mccusak he says it's about gaining control and putting out a great product. >> we're going to give the consumer, the real product. it's fresh, it's local. we will strive on quality and taste. >> the general manager of moo milk says it will save three dozen jobs and create several more. the processing plant is expanding and they'll need a driver to get the millk from place to place. the carton promise that 95% of the profit goes back to the farmers themselves and the general manager says he's essentially hoping that will encourage consumers to buy local, knowing that the money will go back to their neighborhood farms. in westbrook, maine, molly line, fox news. >> shannon: well, your next job opportunity could come at a holiday party. whether you're trying to impress a ceo, meet new people, you can make the most of the holiday party by networking. joining us to explain how is rev your resume, andrea thank
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you for joining us today. >> thank you. i'm happy to be here. >> let me ask you first. you have a holiday party, out and festive. where do you decide to shift gears in business and actually maybe hand out a business card or make that move? >> before you go to the party, you need a business card. not just the everyday business card but one that will promote you and work for y you. what i mean by, that it should be double-sided, it should have your name, your contact information, your expertise, your title, cpa, sales executive, engineer for example, and your head shot. then on the back, you want to have your personal mission statement. this should be five words. i help companies -- then a verb and then an noun. i help companies increase profits. i help companies drive sales.
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i help companies cut costs. now off tool in a business card that can actually promote you when you're not even there. that's what you need to do first, get the business card ready to go. >> you're saying it's not gauche to reach out and share your card at a party. some people don't like to talk about what they the or business, but you say in this climate, you have to promote. >> keep in mind the party is your opportunity to introduce yourself, beginning, opening the door. of it's an introduction. you don't want to go in your life history and resume and i'm wonderful and i can do this or that. you have want to pique their curiosity. when they say what do you, do i help companies increase profits. very confidently. and hand your card and maybe we can talk about that sometime. >> shannon: leave them wanting more. andrea, thank you for the great advice as folk goes in the holiday season. >> you bet!
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>> well, we know it's hart to be out of work in the holidays so this holiday weekend fox news wants to help those of you who are looking for a job. we're going to run the on the job hunt series each hour this holiday weekend. keep it here to see where the jobs are out there. in the meantime, log on to for more information about the jobs. well, californians are giving thumbs up to a new law that requires their fingerprints. and the goal is to get guns out of the hands of criminals. you won't want to miss this. howard dean and mike huckabee face off over healthcare on "fox news sunday." we talk to chris wallace about it up next.
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>> shannon: word now through fox news alert, momentum is building to support groups opposing the west and the government announced in iranian will build ten new
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facilities with work to begin in two months. the plants should be the same size as the plant here. mahmoud ahmadinejad wants the plants to produce 300 ton of nuclear fuel every single year. this move comes shortly after the iranian parliament urged the government to ease the cooperation with the international atomic energy agency. you remember the iaea has just passed a resolution criticizing iran for covering up the existence of uranium enrichment plant. iran's parliament passed a law today earmarking $20 million to support militant groups opposing the west and investigate alleged u.s. and british plots against the islamic republic. that is not the only developing story now. golf great tiger woods may fill in some of the blanks about the car accident later today. bottom of the hour and caroline shively has top of the news. >> hi to you. fox news learned the 911 tape made by tiger woods' neighbor will be released shortly. florida police are hoping today they'll talk with the golfing great and his wife
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about the early morning accidents that sent woods to the hospital friday. woods drove his suv in a fire hydrant and then a tree around 2:30 in the morning. woods wife smashed out one of the vehicle windows with a golf club. the senate is set to start the debate on its version of healthcare reform legislation. tomorrow, senate majority leader harry reid's bill estimated to cost $848 billion over ten years goes before the full floor of the senate. democrats mustered 6 yes votes to advance the -- 60 yes votes to advance it to the floor. the votes may be shrinking. there are sticking points that could cause democrats to vote no. four children ranging in age from two to 14 are among five people killed in car accident on the louisiana interstate yesterday. seven more children are in critical condition following the accident that involve adminny van rolling on the interstate. the van 38-year-old driver was killed in the accident. none of the children were wearing seat belts. airportens and roadways will
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be crowded today as thanksgiving travelers head home. will the weather cooperate? meteorologist rick reichmuth has a look at the forecast. hey, rick. >> hey, caroline. when you see temperatures like this across the country, nobody dealing with any frozen roadways, great news obviously with so many cars out on the roads. and in the air. we don't have any major problems. the only one thing that will cause sticking spots is down here across southwest. areas of the arizona and new mexico and western half of texas dealing with delays and some of the airports. i looked at the numbers and no delays across the airport across the nation now. good news for thanksgiving. >> now to this story, the virginia couple who managed to get past secret service check points are willing to tell their story for a price. television industry executives say izzedine salim and salim -- michaele salahi and tareq postponed interview on cnn with larry king. salahis managed to get
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pictures with several dignitaries including the president maintains they were invited. those are the top stories at the bottom of the hour. >> jamie >> shannon: all right. thank you, caroline. we've got a fox news alert, we are getting information there is a shooting involving multiple police officers near mcchord air force base in parkland, washington, in washington state. of course, we are just getting basic information at this point. we don't know how many officers have been shot and we don't know what the condition is. this was 8:30 local time in washington state. we're told the officers were hit near the east side of the air force base. again, multiple police officers reportedly shot near mcchord air force base in washington state. given what happened just a few weeks ago at fort hood, they are going to be a lot of concerns and curiosity about what has happened here. we'll keep you updated as we get more information on the shooting. >> healthcare moves back in the spotlight on capitol hill
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tomorrow, as the senate begins debate on a measure that passed crucial test just before the thanksgiving holiday. the president massive healthcare plan has a long way to go before it becomes law. if it does. i sat down with with chris wallace for discussion about his interviews with two senators at the center of the debate. >> the thanksgiving weekend is wrapping up, chris. senators heading back to town to tackle the all-important healthcare debate. you had a good debate on the show. >> we had two debates. first of all, jon kyl, the number two republican in the senate, along with evan bayh, and that was interesting because bayh is one of those moderate to conservative democrats who is going to be really key and difficult for the democrats to keep on board. a key people like nelson or mary landrieu or blanche lincoln to keep the 60-vote majority. it asked what the you need to see in the bill you'll vote for it?
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he talked about cost. and that premiums don't go up and get lower. i asked what i thought would be the news making question which was are you prepared to be the one democrat that goes and jump ships and kill healthcare reform when they have 59 votes and not 60? he punted it away like player in the nfl. he indicated he's not. in the end it's choice between status quo, or imperfect bill. i got the impression he's not going to be the one vote to shut down health reform. >> shannon: you talk about dc and congress is set up, you accept there is imperfect measure. you can't please everyone. senator kyl said they aide like to start from the beginning and scrap and get a
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new bill. >> it doesn't seem like there will be something like that happening. >> we're going to vote against it and block it at every point. >> but we don't want this. this is the wrong answer. in the end, if they lose one of the moderate democrats there are still a couple of moderate i guess you call them moderate from the republican side, republicans, like olympia snowe or susan collins of maine who might jump on board if they fine tune the public option. you know, harry reid and democrats have wiggle room here. >> shannon: also, afghanistan this week. of course, the president big speech on tuesday. opinions on that as well. >> it's interesting. it appears that the president after all the long three month process and talk that vice president biden was talking about a very stripped down policy, maybe 5,000 or 10,000 more troops and forget counterinsurgency and just launch strike against
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al-qaeda and the taliban. that the president is rejecting that and going for something close, not all the way. close to what general mcchrystal, commander on the ground was asking for. 40,000 troops and president looks to say between 30,000 and 35,000 and get the rest from nato. and the interesting thing about that is that you see conservatives like bill crystal on the panel and john kyl, number two republican on the senate being supportive and saying they want to hear what he'll say and strategy and want to hear about the exit and getting out but if he gives them 34 to 40,000, they're on board. >> shannon: all right. very important topics on "fox news sunday" this morning. the panel gets to white house crashers, more on that. check it out coming up. >> you bet. >> shannon: watch all the interview with senator evan bayh and jon kyl and governors mike huckabee and howard dean, nice debate between those two as well at 2:00 and 6:00 eastern on fox news channel. we are going to continue to give you information updated as we know it about the shooting, multiple police
12:40 pm
officers near air force base in washington state. we update you on that after the break. other breaking news sunday afternoon. iran defied the the international community. stepping up activity and it comes as the parliament is ready to give millions to militants so they oppose the west. all the latest next and find out why it got bullish on set of a new tom cruise movie.
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>> shannon: breaking news. on the eastern edge of the air force base, a number of police officers have been shot. we're told by sheriff spokesman and local news crews that the officers were hit on the east side of mcchord air force base in parkland, washington. about 8:30 local time this morning. we don't know how many officers were shot or what the conditions are at this point. but we'll continue to monitor
12:44 pm
the situation. there on the edge of mcchord air force base in washington state. california is taking hands-on approach to keep guns from but
12:45 pm
happy. opponents are concerned about extremely personal information like fingerprints being stored in unsafe locations and being used possibly illegally for other purposes. those advocates for gun rights also call this nothing more than a feel-good law, saying it sounds good, but in reality it won't stop any criminal from getting what they want. >> they can simply drive to las vegas from southern california, or to oregon, or to nevada -- arizona and buy all the handgun ammunition they want, bring it back in the state of california and use it. it's the law abiding citizens
12:46 pm
who are hurt by the whole process. >> governor arnold schwarzenegger signed the law in effect last month but it doesn't officially go into effect until february of 2011. the reason why they've had success in sacramento is that city passed a similar ordinance, sort of requiring this pre-emptipre-emptively, bu rights repeal saying it takes away the rights of law abiding citizens. >> casey stegall, thank you very much. interesting story out of california. >> shannon: a moving story of television reporter who made donation of a lifetime. we'll tell you how he gave another man he didn't know a new lease on life. that's next when america's news headquarters continues.
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>> shannon: every year thousands of americans learn they will need a bone marrow transplant to fight leukemia, cancer of the blood. finding a donor is not easy and it's not cheap. november is bone marrow donation awareness month and the next guest happens to be an expert. kevin walsh donated bone marrow to a complete stranger and wrote a book about the journey "the marrow in me." joining us live from massachusetts, kevin, welt com. >> thank you for having me. >> nice to be with you. >> shannon: you have a personal connection to the issue. tell us why. >> i do indeed. years ago as young news anchor and reporter in honolulu, hawaii, i was given assignment of a lifetime. it didn't know it at the time. the story of a man named chris who had leukemia. he went to the driving range to hit golf balls and got halfway through his basket and saw one ball in the basket different from the rest. it was old, discolored. he plucked it out and his curiosity got the best of him. he turned the ball on his
12:51 pm
side and saw looking back at him two words. the words "beat leukemia." he had leukemia. how the ball found his way in the basket and not the basket of somebody else at the driving range, god only knows, but that's how the story starts. >> shannon: okay. how did it spur you to get involved? >> it touched me on a couple of levels. i'm a big golfer so i understand how rare it was for him to find. that i have wanted him to find a cure, an unrelated bone marrow donor. in telling his story, a couple other people came in the picture 306789,000 people came out to bone marrow registration drives over the course of a month. chris pablo the man who found the golf ball found his life saving bone marrow match from a man who saw the media coverage, double amputee who lost his legs in a good samaritan accident years earlier. because of the original golf ball, there were 86 people that went to transplant. four years after i covered the story, i got a phone call that i was a match for
12:52 pm
16-year-old boy that i had never met. it goes back to the golf ball. greatest story i've every covered as journalist. sny'm concerned -- >> shannon: i'm convinced nothing is by coincidence. you made the most of the situation and what was placed before you. for people who are concerned about signing up to be a donor and worried about the process, what do you tell them about how it works? >> i tell them don't worry about it at all. registering is easier than it used to be. when i registered some years ago, you can be tested by a cheek swab. once you're in the system you're in the system. i'll tell anybody who listens, you're a match for someone somewhere in the world. will you be in a registry and ready when the call comes? i tell you from someone that has been there and done that when the call comes it's the greatest phone call you will ever get. >> shannon: i know that we constantly hear that there is a lack of minority participation with some of the registries. how difficult is that problem still for the particular issue? >> it is. awareness is an issue and finances are an issue.
12:53 pm
the test piping costs $$100. if you are a person of color, the chance of you finding unrelated bone marrow match is 20 to 30% less for average white guy like me. a problem that needs to be addressed. i talked about it before, others talked at it, hopefully more people will get the message. if you're of mixed race or minority, you need to register, because somebody needs your help somewhere. >> shannon: kevin walwalsh, we love your story and hope it continues to impact people like it has so positively. thank you for joining us and telling us your story. >> thank you for having me. i enjoyed it. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. we've been telling you about a situation at mcchord air force base east of the base in washington state. we got reports that multiple police officers have been shot there about 8:30 this morning. we're getting word that the sheriff says four police officers were actually shot dead. they have died. we don't know if there were additional victims or what happened. it's being described as an ambush. this is on the east border apparently with mcchord air
12:54 pm
force base in parkland, washington, in washington state. we'll continue to bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. confirmation now that four police officers have been shot and killed. well, that's not the only breaking news we have today. we're waiting for the 911 tapes from tiger woods' accident. we understand they'll be released sometime today. we'll bring you that as soon as it happens. quality and reliability...
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>> shannon: the holiday spirit took a hit in washington state after a showdown over religion displays last year and now traditional christmas and hanukkah decor is banned from the state capitol building. fox's dan springer has the story. >> ron of olympia washington would normally spend the days after thanksgiving setting up his nativity scene at the washington state capitol. this year, jesus, mary and
12:58 pm
joseph aren't welcome. all public displays were barred inside the building after atheists put up a sign denouncing religion. >> the state government caved to a select few atheists. >> the nativity scene was placed here for the entire month of december right next to the bronze bust of george, washington, between the chambers of the state house and senate injuries the only thing allowed this year, a tree which will go up in the middle of the evergreen whiche green which officials stress is not a christmas tree. >> it is a secular symbol of the season and supported and upheld in various court challenges over the year and across the country. >> for the last couple of years the decor existed in the
12:59 pm
rotunda. >> religion is on attack in america. a strong judaio christian belief is under attack from every aspect of modern society. >> the government's answer was to kick everyone out and set aside a small area on the lawn. >> the government cannot pick and choose which it is going to allow. if it allows one it has to allow them all. >> ron plans to donate his nativity scene to a local church. as of now, no one, religion or otherwise has applied to erect a display outside. in olympia washington, dan springer, fox news. >> shannon: it as question
1:00 pm
everyone is asking. what exactly happened outside tiger woods' house early saturday morning. his suv hit a tree and a fire hydrant and apparently his wife or someone hit the car with a golf club. the 911 call regarding that situation is set to be released today. we will bring it to you live as soon as it is released. i'm shannon bream. this is hour number two of america's news headquarters from washington. iran plans to build ten new uranium enrichment facilities. >> ten new sites to enrich uranium with work beginning in two months. defiant announcement just a few hours ago from the iranian government. boldly defiant. just two days ago the iaea
1:01 pm
voted to censure iran, demanding that it freeze enrichment and stop building a recently revealed facility. even china and russia supported the resolution despite past reluctance to pressure iran. friday's resolution was passed. we expected iran to respond but perhaps not this dramatically. the order today from a cabinet meeting headed by president mahmoud ahmadinejad to build five uranium enrichment plants at previously studied sites and propose other location. they are supposed to be on the same scale of the other industrial enrichment plant. the bold declaration will increase tensions between iran and the west. israel indicated it is prepared to take military action against iran's nuclear program if necessary. here is the response to iran's announcement today from dan gillerman the former ambassador to the u.n. >> this is an evil regime that must be stopped and if diplomacy doesn't stop it, other means will have to be
1:02 pm
taken. israel very much hopes that the international community which is as much at risk will do it but if not i assure you israel will do whatever is necessary to defend its citizens. >> during the iaea meeting on friday, iran's representatives said that tehran would continue to resist pressure as well threats of military reaction et cetera. no reaction from the white house today. >> thanks for keeping us updated. we will talk life to aaron miller to get his insights on the latest announcement and how this will be played out in the international community. this is a fox news alert. four police officers have died after being shot in an ambush outside a tacoma washington coffeehouse. this all happened mere mcchord air force base. sheriff's officials say that the four officers were apparently sitting in the
1:03 pm
coffee shop with their computers. there were other customers there as well. shooter came in at 8:30 local time this morning. details coming in as we get them. we will pass them along to you. there are two suspects at this point, both believed to be male. as we learn more about the officers and what we know about possible suspects we, of course, will keep you updated. a just-released senate report says the u.s. military did have osama bin laden in its grasp in the mountains of torah borah but a tactical decision not to send in more troops allowed him to get away. caroline shively with more on the major announcement and the one we expect from president obama tuesday night about afghanistan. hi, caroline. >> this report written by democrats basically says american troops were very close to osama bin laden in torah borah in december of 2001 but u.s. military leaders decided not to go after him with massive force. it concludes that helped bin laden escape and whipped up internal strife in afghanistan
1:04 pm
and gave the afghan insurgency new life. u.s. war planes were conducting presix strikes but there were less than 100 on the ground to find bin laden. the failure to finish the job represents a lot of opportunity that forever altered the course of the conflict in afghanistan and the future of international terrorism. the study comes out just prior to the presidents it speech tuesday where we expect him to announce a gradual troop buildup in afghanistan. this morning, prominent democrats and republicans laid out what they want to hear from the president. >> an afghan surge. not an american surge. and if the president lays out the case for why our combat forces that are going particularly to the south will increase the speedup of the afghan army it seems to me that that would be very, very important. >> talk of an exit strategy is exactly the wrong way to go and i hear that in the media.
1:05 pm
i hope the president doesn't do that. all that does is signal to the enemies and also to our allies in pakistan as well as the afghanis that we are not there to stay until the mission is accomplished. >> we are hold to expect some type of exit strategy. >> thank you very much. police in windermere, florida are hoping to talk to tiger woods about that accident that happened outside his home early friday morning after thanksgiving. there are also reports that the 911 tapes from early friday could be released today. phil keating is live outside the community where tiger woods lives. >> one thing that could help clear up what is being disseminated worldwide it if woods or one of his neighbors had a video surveillance system on their property which may have documented the early friday morning car accident. yesterday afternoon around 3:00 two investigators with the
1:06 pm
florida highway patrol entered the exclusive gated community where the woods family lives and went door to door for several hours asking neighbors if they in fact had one of those types of security systems and possibly could obtain the videotape. i'm told by the florida highway patrol that up to now no videotape has been obtained. today around 3:00 eastern time they are expected to enter the neighborhood for the scheduled interview that was canceled. they hope that they can hear tiger woods himself explain how it all went down. all we know for certain is that tiger woods left his home alone in his cadillac escalade early friday morn. hit a fire hydrant on his property and careened into his neighbor's tree and was left on the street then bleeding and going in and out of consciousness. he was released from the hospital in good condition. also this afternoon sometime in the next few minutes it could
1:07 pm
be that soon we are expecting the 911 tape to finally be released that was made to authorities alerting them that a car accident had taken place inside the development and that there was a person lying in the street. of course, that person ended up being the world's most famous athlete and the mrs. highway patrol says the person who made that 911 phone call was actually a neighbor. as for the damage to tiger woods' car estimated by to be about $6,000 to $8,000. the front left damage from hitting the hydrant. the front right from hitting the tree and the two passenger windows on both sides were smashed out. according to windermere police that was explained to them that tiger woods wife smashed out the windows to help pull tiger out using a golf club. >> as soon 80s tapes come in we will let folks no. thank you so much, phil. got it. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information lead together arrest of a florida man wanted for allegedly
1:08 pm
gunning down four relatives on thanksgiving day. police have been searching for him with questions about the shooting spree. laura ingle with the latest from new york. >> a heartbreaking story. family members who just shared a thanksgiving meal with the alleged killer say there was nothing that indicated that paul was about for go outside, come back with a gun and open fire on his family. when it was all over his twin adult sisters, aunt and young cousin were dead and two others were injured. police continuing their massive manhunt for 35-year-old paul michael maresh who slipped away after the shootings at his cousin's home in south, florida. he is armed and dangerous and investigators have alerted michigan authorities to be on the lookout because they have information that he reportedly looked up a physician in the detroit area in the past year. the u.s. marshall's office is working with jupiter police to find him which has announced a
1:09 pm
$10,000 reward for information leading to his capture. zenaida is accuse -- he is accused of fatally shooting his twin sisters, one of whom was pregnant and he killed his elderly aunt and his 6-year-old cousin. according to her father, mickala was executed in her sleep after she played piano and sang for family members earlier that evening. he also injured two others in the violent outburst. >> i have never seen a baby executed in her bed. that doesn't happen. maybe accidental crossfire, the kid gets shot once or something but five times? execution style. and seeing the tragedy from the other side of the lens, it is back and white from that side,
1:10 pm
you know. >> her father is a local cameraman for a tv news station there. investigators believe paul was driving a blue four door 2007 toyota camry. the car has a florida tag w 427 jt. the car has a spoiler on the back which makes it a bit unique. his last known address is in miami, florida. if you have information you are urged to call the jupiter police department. there is a $10,000 reward here. here is the number 561-746-6201. shannon? >> all right, thank you for keeping us updated. well, we are getting more information on the shooting in washington state we have been telling you about. four police officers shot dead in the tacoma area. investigators believe that they were targeted. this was not a robbery. they were shot and killed in an ambush at a washington coffeehouse. the officers were getting ready for the day, sitting in the coffee shop with their
1:11 pm
computers when a shooter came in at 8:30 local time and opened fire. no customers were hit as far as we understand at this pointed a the gunman still appears to be on the loose. details still coming in. again, four police officers shot dead near tacoma washington just outside mcchord air force base. we will keep you updated. another story that has been developing all day. iran announced its plan to build as many as ten new enrichment plants. joining us is aaron miller of the woodrow wilson center. thank you for soming in today. there has been to much talk of diplomacy and so many rounds of discussions. they announce a major jump in their program as we understand it so far. what do we make of this? >> another example of the great power of being played by the tiny tribe and i'm not sure how long it will take us to recognize that iran is a country motivated by a profound
1:12 pm
sense of entitlement and insecurity. the other reality is the west the international community has very bad options. unless we can get the russians and chinese even if you could get quote unquote nation crippling sanctions i'm not sure that will dissuede the iranians. diplomacy is not going to work. either you akron w akron we yer that theac quench uiese. this is really a bad situation it seems to me headed south. >> and, of course, the iaeacensured them this weekend to sanction them or chas them in some way.
1:13 pm
you mentioned russia and china. if we can get more hardline statements from them, will it make it difference? >> statements won't. u.n. sanctions or international sanctions might. do sanctions ever work when a small pound for the candier that has a capacity to act independently commits itself to a program that it believes it has a right, maybe even a duty to accomplish? so the answer there, i think is at this point very dubious. >> and, of course, you mentioned israel and that is always a flash point that the world is watching between the two nations. how much of a chance do you think there is of a direct confrontation now between the two? >> i think that the odds are going up. and at some point in 2010, the israeli prime minister is going to have a conversation with the american president and it is going to go something like this, mr. president, the campaign you said you would not allow iran to acquire weapons and said it as president. i'm the prime minister of a country with a bad history with
1:14 pm
respect to persecution and genocide. i'm not going to allow the iranians to do in 8 minutes what hitler tried to do in eight years. the question will be how will the president of the united states respond to it. >> it seems to continue escalating today. great perspective. thank you very much. >> thanks. people across the country heading home today after spending the thanksgiving holiday away. rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center to tell us if that is going to throw any kinks in their plans. hi, rick. a lucky weekend. a lot to be thankful for. the east coast looking good. the line of storms cutting through the michigan area down throughout the center part of the country. no major rain from this. a light storm. it will be a bigger system at least a little more rain tomorrow as it moves in across the eastern seaboard. if tomorrow is your travel back time you will see some delays probably from boston through the mid atlantic. the bigger story is across parts of the southwest. upper level disturbance around
1:15 pm
arizona and california bringing cooler weather, some rain and some mountain snow. some of this is going to be significant, especially in towards new mexico, both today and tomorrow the snow will be falling. do expect to see delays in the airports around parts of new mexico, maybe western texas and arizona. pretty significant snowfall especially to the southern side of the state. got to tell you, though, just checked all the airports and we are still reporting no delays. that is great news, shannon. >> good happy news for the travelers who know this could be a frustrating day. thank you. the infamous who crashed the white house want to tell their side of the story but they want to get paid to do it. the two had postponed plans for an interview monday on larry king live. now, they are reportedly looking to sell their story for hundreds of thousands of dollars. still not clear whether the aspiring tv reality stars with face any charges for their caper. the secret service is investigating the incident and
1:16 pm
has not ruled out the possibility of criminal charges. businessebusinesses have bn slammed in the recession but bad economic times are turning into big business for one industry. you will be a little surprised on who is thriving right now. if you missed out on the black friday door busters, still a chance to sable on cyber monday tomorrow. and we are continuing to follow breaking news out of washington state. four police officers shot and killed this morning. casey stegall will bring us the latest in a live report, coming up. ÷÷÷÷÷x÷÷ú÷÷xx
1:17 pm
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1:19 pm
this is a fox news alert. we are learning more now about what is being described as an
1:20 pm
ambush shooting in tacoma, washington. four police officers shot and killed apparently in a coffee shop getting ready for the day. they had computers with them and local news outlets are saying that apparently two suspects were on the scene when the four officers were shot and killed. one white male and one black male came in and opened fire. there were other customers in the shot. nobody else was shot. this does not appear to be a robbery. a sheriff's spokesman says the officers were targeted. he is called it "cold hearted." there is a briefing going on and our affiliate is covering it there in the area. again, four police officers shot and killed in an ambush in tacoma, washington, near mcchord air force pace. the dust is settling from the black friday shopping sprees. sales were up point 5% over last year bringing the total
1:21 pm
expenditures to $10.7 billion. the top sales items. high definition tvs, laptops. the zo zhu zhu pets very hot. tomorrow it the kickoff of a the online shopping season and you may think it is the biggest online shopping day of the year but is it more visittial than real? there are deals on the web? regina is the spokesperson for aol. you survived black friday and the hype surrounding that. cyber monday is it really the biggest online day of the year for shopping. >> just as black friday is not actually the biggest offline shopping day of the year, it is the saturday before christmas traditionally. cyber monday is a marketing term by the national retail federation. it started back in the day when people were used to dialup connections. what happened was people would
1:22 pm
go back to work on monday where they had high speed access and get their shopping done. now, of course, high speed access is more widely available. it remains a promotion in the online kickoff. don't let the monday in cyber monday fool you. a lot of the deals are available right now. maybe it is cyber sunday as we speak. >> i got an e-mail from a couple of the online retailers that i use today and said cyber monday starts today and sunday. we know they are constantly trying to get folks into the shopping situations even if it is online versus the physical store. all right, so if you are going to spend a lot of your time and holiday shopping money online, what should folks be looking for tomorrow? what is to their benefit? >> you mentioned e-mail. today is a great day to get your ducks in a row. become a fan of favorite retailer on facebook. sign up for the tweets. they want to control the dialogue with you and maintain a relationship with consumers and it is called having deals pushed to you.
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wrapping. i tested it. it is gorgeous and free shipping right now with no minimum purchase. free shipping the two words are the single most effective promotion and right now it is widely available. it will be gone soon because it is based on standard shipping. whistling i'm an etailer and i have to start paying a premium i'm more likely to pass that on to you. >> i'm guessing productivity might take a little hit in some offices around the country tomorrow. >> i think that is fair to say, good guess. >> thank you so much for sharing the tips with us. >> of course. and we wanted to hear from you about all of our holiday shopping plans. do you plan to spend more or less money on shopping this holiday season? 69% of you told us you plan to spend less. 16% say you will spend more and 15% say you will spend about as much as last year. we want to hear from you in our unscientific poll. go to fox
1:25 pm
hk. q. w >> we will have all the latest about the deaths of the four police officers in tacoma, washington. how much is tiger woods worth? back in a minute.
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
1:28 pm
>> shannon: we are continuing to follow breaking news from the tacoma, washington area. we have been telling you about this, four police officers ambushed apparently at a coffee shop mere mcchord air force base. they were shot and killed. casey stegall joins us live. >> the information is slow to come in and the information is fluid. what we are hearing, the pierce county sheriff's office in washington state is characterizing this as an ambush shooting that happened in parkland this morning. there is a little bit of conflicting information there. we are hearing communities like parkwood, lakewood but it is
1:29 pm
near tacoma, washington, which is about 40 miles south of the seattle area and on the eastern portion, this coffeehousepy shop was not on mcchord air force base property but along the eastern portion of the base. keep in mind mcchord air force base is relatively small and has 41 people on the ground there including airmen -- 4100 people on the ground there including airmen and their families. the base is not on any sort of lockdown like we saw in the moments following the fort hood shooting in texas, that they are not on lockdown and they are continuing to check i.d.s are any one coming on base but that is standard practice at military bases all around this country. this happened at the forza coffee shop at 8:30 local time. that is 11:30 eastern. the local fox affiliate out of seattle is telling us that four officers were in that coffee shop with other customers at the time they were doing their
1:30 pm
typical sunday morning routines. they were reading newspapers, on their computers when two men suddenly burst into the shot and opened fire, hitting and killing we now know four of the officers. it is not clear if there were any other casualties with the particular incident and we are also hearing from authorities in the area that two suspects are still at large. that they managed to get away in the moments following this shooting. so again, we are watching this very closely. about 40 miles south of seattle at the forza coffee shop where at 8:30 local time, two men burst into the shop and opened fire, killing four police officers. again, on the eastern side of mcchord air force base in that region. and no doubt we all covered officer-involved shootings and when officers have been killed in the line of duty it is horrible and horrific news to report, just one shooting. but again, four officers. still not clear if they are all
1:31 pm
members of the same department. all of the information slowly coming in and we are monitoring it here on the fox news channel los angeles bureau side of things, shannon. >> shannon: thank you for geting that all together and bringing us the latest. we will keep folks updated and you do that as well if you learn anything. >> is very busy news day. big news out of iran today. it is the bottom of the hour and caroline shively is now standing by with more on iran and the other top headlines. hi, caroline. >> in a bold move, the iranian government approved a plan to build ten new uranium enrichment plants. they say they should be the same size as the plant seen here on a satellite photo. they will reportedly start work on the plants within months and president ahmadinejad said they should produce up to 300-tons of nuclear fuel per year. a conversation between authorities and tiger woods about the car accident near his home on thanksgiving could possibly happen today. state troopers had hoped to speak to woods yesterday but
1:32 pm
were turned away. woods isn't legally required to talk to police but some believe his silence only increased speculation about the events leading up to the crash. we are also waiting to hear a 911 call made by woods' neighbor. police say it will be released shortly. could u.s. troops have nabbed osama bin laden before he went to war with iraq? a just released senate report says the al-qaeda leader was unquestionably within reach of u.s. forces in the mountains of torah borah when they made the call not to call in more troops to pursue him in 2001. the senate report says the failure to capture or kill bin laden has had lasten consequences beyond the fate of one man. shannon, back to you. thank you so much, caroline. while we all wait to see and here the 911 tapes with tiger woods and the car accident, brenda buttner has been looking into exactly how much one of the world's most recognizable athletes is worth and joins us with an update on that from new york.
1:33 pm
>> for years, tiger woods has led the list of the highest paid athletes with as much ease as he commands the golf course. in fact, he held top spot on sports illustrated's fortunate 50 list for years. earns $130 million a year if you count winnings, endorsement, salaries and payments for appearances. he also helps design golf courses. forbes says that adds up to about $800 million during his 13 year career and forecasts that woods is just a few streaks and a few years away from being the world's first billion dollars athlete. second place is far behind. in june, tiger took in more than twice the earnings of any other athlete in the previous year. it is not just his winnings from the game of golf, of course, that add up, it is the game of enendorsements that really bring in the bucks. nike, gillette all graced by
1:34 pm
the woods' name and face. when woods had knee surgery for an injury a year and a half ago his recovery kept him for eight months from the game. advertisers including nike continued paying him and the main casualty was not so much championship cash but american's interest in the game. viewership went way down. upon tiger's return, however, he went back to his winning ways with six victories so far and a return to the nation's gusto for golf. tiger woods took this game for one followed by those who seriously play and he has been seriously paid for it. >> no one else quite like him in the market. >> that's right. >> catch brenda every weekend on bulls and bears saturday at 10:00 a.m. eastern. it is part of the cost of freedom, the number one rated business news block on cable. president obama has come under heavy criticism over the upcoming decision about sending more troops to afghanistan. some on the right say he has
1:35 pm
been taking too long to decide and over on the left are those against him sending any troops at all. will the delay ultimately affect the success of the u.s. mission? joining us now, former ambassador to nato and undersecretary of state, nick byrnes, ambassador. thank you for your time today. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: the president has a delicate line to walk here in the speech on tuesday. how much pressure is he under to get this right? >> this might be the most important moment of h his presidency beyond the economic crisis that he dealt with in the early months of his presidency. it affects war and peace and determines whether or not the united states is going to have a successful policy in afghanistan. he has to give one of his brilliant speeches that he is known for to convince americans and congress that the longer term commitment of troops and money will be in the american and international interest. i think the stakes i are high for the president and his
1:36 pm
administration. >> they say we have a lot of economic trouble here in the u.s. and we cannot afford to fund these soldiers to the tune of $1 million for each soldier sent over there. there is talk of a war tax and many other things. how much selling does the president have to do who have that particular concern when it comes to money? >> we live in a globalized world, where is the global leader. we were struck on 9/11 from afghanistan. this is probably the number one american national security priority. there is nothing more important than stability in pakistan and in afghanistan. as we prioritize and the president prioritizes our foreign engagements he is likely to say this is where we put our emphasis. >> how do we go about at this point as a nation heavily invested there putting additional pressure on afghan leaders, the police force the
1:37 pm
troops there to do their part in shoring up the situation? >> you know, it as monumental challenge. on the one hand, the obama administration has to convince the karzai government to act more assertively to deliver on their promises to the afghan public and reduce corruption and narco trafficking and then deal with the government in pakistan and have to try to convince the pakistanis to make a greater and more effective military effort to strike at the terrorists on the pakistan side of the border. and third will be can we convince the european allies and nato to stand up to this fight and fight alongside the united states. the european allies have not served -- have not contributed the number of troops that they should have. they have kept some of those troops out of combat. germans, the italians and spaniards have done that and the americans and others have done the fighting. the president has to put
1:38 pm
pressure on afghans and pakistanis as well as europeans to assemble a policy that has a chance of working effective. >> i thank you for your insights today. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: the down economy has been rough for job seekers looking for the ray of light when it comes to companies starting to hire again. fox news is going on-the-job hunt with a scientific look at what kinds of jobs will be there when the hiring freeze finally warms up. (announcer) we understand. you need to save money.
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>> shannon: this a fox news alert. this is an update on the story about four police officers shot and killed in washington state. we now hear that multiple police agencies are joining forces to hunt for the two gunmen that apparently shot and killed the officers in a tacoma, washington, coffee shop. this is the airfield, mcchord air force base. just on the border just over where you can see the red dot, that is actually the coffee shot where we understand the officers were shot and killed. we are told there were four of
1:42 pm
them prepping for the day, getting ready when two gunmen burst into the coffee shop and shot the officers. it appeared to be an ambush is what officers are telling us at this point. there were customers and witnesses. apair lently it was just about the four officers. a ten thousand dollars reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest. call 253-591-5959 with any information. local news jut electoral votes officers were sitting there and getting ready for the day when that white male and a black male came in and targeted these officers. parkland is a town of 57,500. median household income $55,000. again, the air force base, mcchord a big presence in the town. it was just off the eastern border of the base that the
1:43 pm
shooting happened in the coffee shop. as soon as we learn more information we p update you and tell you with every fact that we get in. on the fox news job hunt, trying to figure out where the jobs will be when companies do finally start hiring again. as james rosen reports, it is a matter of scientific curiosity. >> demo graphers see the nationwide recession from a birdseye view tracking the migration of people and jobs, assets and industry year to year. next generation consulting advises clients, cities and states how to attract and maintain young professional talent and avoid the crippling danger of brain drain even in lean times. >> for communities to be positioned well to attract the next generation they have to have a broad choice of knowledge based work occupations. >> ranking cities on the basis of seven criteria ranging from
1:44 pm
air quality to night life, next generation named fort collins, home of colorado state university as the top small city hot spot for desirable workers age 20 to 40. charleston, south carolina, eugene, oregon, cedar rapids iowa and springfield illinois round out the list. san francisco as the place to be for young workers with seattle, boston, d.c. and denver filling out the top five. >> jobs matter but they are not enough and affordability is absolutely key right now. what communities do now to set themselves up to continue to be a magnet for talent, to be a place of choice for young talent will really mean that they will be ahead of the game in the long run. >> and just as cities can differentiate themselves in recessions, demographers make distinctions in the ranks of the unemployed. not just those completely out of work and those underployed
1:45 pm
and working part time and those out of work a short while versus those jobless for six months or more. but between young and old. onone economist calls it the ae profile of pain. >> the 22-year-old who can't get started in her career even though she graduated from a very good college faces a very different set of problems from the 55-year-old person who has held a high paying job for much of the last 20 years. >> to that younger worker, mr. burtless counsels patience and faith that the job market will rebound. to the older worker the options may be more limit. potentially to accepting a job he or she would have scoffed at two years ago or simply retiring. james rosen, fox news. we know it is especially hard to be out of work on the holidays. this holiday weekend fox news wants to help you out there, those looking for a job. we will continue the on-the-job
1:46 pm
hunt series. it will run every hour. keep it right here. and in the meantime, log on and find the same information at fox you have probably seen the tv ads for fitness made simple. coming up, how to stay fit this holiday season even if you have already blown it at thanksgiving.
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>> shannon: jc penney published its last big book. the catalog that generations of shoppers once relied on to make their christmas wish lists. the book is the last of the big department store telephone book sized cat that logs. they have been published for nearly 50 years but the need for them died out now that more
1:50 pm
and more people are using internet, more popular with computers. they will stay in the ca catalg business but on a smaller scale. did you eat a little too much turkey on thanksgiving? we all did. the average american consumes 3,000 calories at thanksgiving. joining us now to help us out, fitness celebrity john basedow. thanks for joining us. we need you. >> thank you very much. this is my fifth time on fox news second baseman' feeling the love if you went overboard on -- so i'm feeling the love. >> if you went overboard, how can you get back on track? >> fitness is a lifestyle. i call diets deprivational idiotic eating theories. if you practice moderation you don't have to get involved in
1:51 pm
deprivation. get back on the road good clean eating the next day. get back in the gym and do a little exercise and keep it moving. don't put too much pressure on yourself and don't beat yourself up because then you dread your fitness program. you have to make it something that you enjoy and look forward to. >> absolutely. okay. a lot of events now coming up. thanksgiving is just the first hurdle. now, all kinds holiday fun and family get togethers. the way to resist temptation that is going be everywhere. >> i don't talk about enabling a victim mentality. you control what you put in your mouth. you are always in control. when you go to the parties, unless they are very unusual parties and someone is tying you down and force feeding you all of these fattening goodies, you basically control what you are going to eat. don't starve yourself. a lot of times before the parties people starve themselves and then two to the party famished and their body
1:52 pm
is screaming i want sugar and they end up eating like ten times what they would normally eat or at least three to four times. before the party eat fitness friendly fare. high protein and high fiber foods. a good trick before hand isster an 8 to 10-ounce glass of water. gives stomach fullness and decreases your craving so you are still in control. you will have one or two of something that you have been looking forward to rather than 10 or 20. i was just on my show on sirius and i was talking about this exact thing. the biggest mistake people make when they go to parties is trying to starve themselves and trying to do too much deprivation. you want to enjoy the holidays. the other thing i want you to do during the holidays is enjoy some of the nonfood activities. this is one of the best seasons to enjoy time with family and do some fitness friendly activities. get out. go skiing if you are around in that type of area.
1:53 pm
walk around the block a little bit. go ice skating. walk around and see the shops if you are by one of the major cities like, new york, or l.a. or chicago or something. and basically if you do a little ten minute walk after din territories is the first fitnessards leading a fit friendly lifestyle. it will decrease your risk of heart disease. if you start on december, ten minutes, one minute each day more. which the end of the year you will by walking 40 minutes. >> great advice we can all live with. thank you for equipping us to get through the holidays smartly. john basedo yo basedow thank y. >> check out my new you tube channel. >> we will do it. we have been following breaking news about a shooting. four police officers killed in washington state. we will have a live update with casey stegall right after this break.
1:54 pm
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1:56 pm
♪ you're not the kind of guy that makes the girls all sigh ♪ two for three?! ♪ and they never turn their heads and look when you walk by♪ ♪ cause it's the little things that mean a lot ♪ oh, thank you. you're welcome. what a nice young man; my goodness. ♪ it's what you are... ♪ ...not what you've got. i better get out of here. hooey.
1:57 pm
>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of that kona, washington. kona -- tacoma, washington. casey stegall with the latest. four officers shot and killed. what else can you tell us? >> it has been confusing nailing down exactly where this happened. initial reporting said that it was in parkland washington also near lakewood and very close to tacoma, washington. if you look at a map they are all clustered right there together and it is on the east side of mcchord air force base. that is what most people are familiar with. this is all 40 miles south of seattle. mcchord air force base there, a population of 4100 people. it is not on lockdown at this hour. it is business as usual. basically what happened, 8:30 this morning, two suspects according to eyewitnesses march inside the forza coffee shop at 8:30 local time where people were reading newspapers and uniformed officers sitting working on their computers when
1:58 pm
they opened fire inside that coffee shop. king television out of seattle is reporting that one of the suspects is a black male. 5'7" to 5'10" in his 20s to 30s. scruffy appearance wearing a black coat and blue jeans at the time. there is no description of the white suspect that was a part of the shooting according to folks there on the scene. we do know that four police officers are dead and right now it is unclear as to whether or not they are specifically members of the same department. a $10,000 reward being offered. there is a tipline. if you have any information you are asked to call. a $10,000 reward for any one that can provide information that can lead to the apprehension of the suspects. we have a fox news crew
1:59 pm
en route and hope to have reports for you on this developing and breaking story right here throughout the day on fox news. >> thank you, casey. we will continue to monitor it. before we go, we want to update you on another breaking story we have been following today. a bold move from the iranian government that has approved a plan to build ten new enrichment plants. the new facilities should be about the same size as the plant on the satellite photo. they will reportedly start working on the plants within months and president mahmoud ahmadinejad is saying he wants them to aim to produce up to 300-tons of nuclear fuel per year. also the 911 calls could be released today regarding the tiger woods incident early friday morning. as soon 80s tapes comes in fox news will bring those to you. that is it for us here in washington. stay tuned for "fox news sunday" next with chris wallace. guest senators evan bayh

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